October 19, 2011

Screencast: SpiderMonkey hacking intro

I saw Gary Bernhardt's DestroyAllSoftware screencasts last night and thought, "Wow, that's a great idea! I bet it takes a lot less time to make a screencast than to write a blog entry with thousands of gross words in it."

And here you have it: my first screencast. Since it's only five minutes long, I was able to make it right after breakfast! It shows how to get started building the JS shell and how to add a new shell builtin that performs very important functionality.

I'm not very good at speaking and typing concurrently, so be gentle! (Also, it's hard to see if it's not fullscreen and HD quality, so I recommend using that.)

Update 2011-10-19 1700: @dukeleto points out that, if you need to work around recent issues with Mercurial clone timeouts on Mozilla servers, you can also visit the Mercurial web view for the tip revision and download via the bz2 link displayed at the top.