September 17, 2008

Thoughts on blogging quantity vs quality

I'm very hesitant to post things to my real blog. [*] I often have complex ideas that I want to convey via blog entries, and the complexity mandates that I perform a certain level of research before making any real claim. As a result, I'm constantly facing a quantity vs. quality problem. My queue of things to post is ever-increasing and the research/writing process is agonizingly slow. [†]

Just saying "screw it" and posting whatever un-validated crap spills out of my head-holes seems promising, but irresponsible. The question that I really have to ask myself is whether or not the world would be a better place if I posted more frequently, given that it is at the cost of some accuracy and/or completeness.

I'm starting to think that the best solution is to relate a daily occurrence [2] to a larger scheme of things. Trying to piece together some personal mysteries and detailing my thought processes may be both cathartic and productive — in the literal sense of productive.

A preliminary idea is to prefix the titles of these entries with "Thoughts on [topic]" and prefix more definitive and researched articles with a simple "On [topic]". Readers may take what I'm saying more at face value if I explicitly announce that my post relates to notions and not more concrete theories. [‡]



As opposed to my Tumblr account, which I use like an unencumbered Twitter.


My great grammatical aspirations certainly don't speed up the process.


Perhaps one that seems inconsequential! That would make for a bit of a fun challenge.


Theory: a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world.