January 9, 2008

Hoarding hard drives

Cleaning out the basement, among a bunch of other junk, I found 6 hard drives (which I thought was a large number of hard drives). For some reason I thought it'd be fun to enumerate them...

  1. IBM Deskstar 75GXP, 46.1GB, 7200rpm

  2. Maxtor DiamondMax VL 30, 23.0GB, 5400rpm

  3. IBM Deskstar 40GV, 20.4GB, 5400rpm

  4. Maxtor DiamondMax 6800, 10.1GB, 5400rpm

  5. Maxtor DiamondMax 2160, 8.4GB, 5400rpm

  6. Western Digital Caviar AC22500, 2.5GB, 5400rpm

The average size of a hard drive in my basement is 18.42GB!