October 9, 2007

Apples and Deadlocks...

For some reason I find this to be a really suiting characterization of deadlock:

As you'll recall, Snow White took a bite of the poison apple. This particular poison is an agent with known uses in biological warfare, and puts you to sleep until your true love kisses you awake. Cursing bioterrorism's name in her last few moments of consciousness, Snow White fell asleep indefinitely.

Prince Charming finds Snow White asleep after some time, but before he kisses her he decides that he's really hungry and would like a bite to eat. He sees a tasty looking apple conveniently located on a nearby table, and takes a bite. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, it is the poisonous apple, which hasn't moved from its original location. [*] Prince Charming also (tragically) falls asleep indefinitely. As consciousness fades away, he clutches Snow White's limp body, and they stay, deadlocked, in each other's arms for all eternity.

Awww. [†]



I should also mention that the apple has several preservatives which prevent it from decaying, but are also known to cause cancer in lab animals.


Note that this story implicitly assumes that true love is a characteristic that exhibits one-to-one correspondence; a premise whose truth value is acknowledged to be unknown.